Devices and Plans

Your success is our businessTM

Wireless for business

Network coverage

With network coverage, you can take your business anywhere. It is not only fast, but also reliable and secure — so you can focus on making your business succeed.

Rogers Unison™

Get the best features of a traditional desk phone and never miss a call with Canada’s only fully managed, truly mobile communications system1.


Take advantage of the best devices with a lower upfront cost and help your employees work more productively and effectively.

Tablets and Devices

Mobile internet and devices for businessConnect your business wherever it needs to be with tablets for business and other mobile internet solutions.

Wireless Plans

Get flexible pooling plans, cost certainty and productivity options with features like Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant.

Network Coverage

Enjoy a wireless network that covers 97% of Canadians and offers Extended Coverage to give you the confidence to stay connected in even more places across Canada.

Device Protection

Protect your business by protecting your phone.

Business Travel & Roaming

Make travel and roaming simple. Keep your business connected so you can roam like home.