SIP Trunking

Reduce your infrastructure costs and boost collaboration by using a single network for voice and data.

Save on infrastructure costs with a single IP network for both voice and data. Our enterprise-grade SIP Trunking service runs over our private, nationwide fibre optic network, bypassing the congested public Internet and delivering excellent voice quality and security backed by SLAs. You can customize the solution to fit the needs of your business, or purchase it as part of a bundle that includes a wide range of voice features.

All-in-One SIP Bundle Solution

Consolidate your voice and data networks and save with a fully configured bundle that includes access, voice connectivity and equipment. The All-In-One SIP Bundle gives you the option of keeping your PBX phone system, while laying the groundwork for a full transition to IP telephony.

SIP Trunking à la carte

Customize your SIP solution to meet your business needs. SIP Trunking from Rogers lets you scale rapidly to support changing call volumes, while giving you excellent voice quality, flexibility and business continuity with guaranteed


Why SIP Trunking?

Future proofed

SIP Trunking lays the foundation for advanced collaboration. Enjoy the benefits of reliable, highly scalable IP voice telephony as you invest in tomorrow.

Flexible scalability

Scale your voice capacity up or down as your business needs change, eliminating the need for technician visits.


Our private, Canada-wide fibre optic network ensures security and reliability with guaranteed quality-of-service levels backed by SLAs.

Peace of Mind

Robust load balancing and failover capabilities, backed by centralized monitoring and control, provide business continuity.

Cost Savings

Reduce your infrastructure costs by consolidating your voice and data traffic onto one network.

SIP Trunking Functions and Features

SIP Trunking from Rogers combines the full range of standard voice communication features with the flexibility of IP.



Standard features include:

Inbound and local outbound calling

Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers

Domestic and international long distance

Inbound toll-free calling

Emergency 911 calling

411 and operator-assisted dialling

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