Guest Wifi

Understand your customers, understand your business.

Wi-Fi isn’t just a crowd pleaser — it’s also an important tool for understanding your customers. The built-in intelligence gathering features of Rogers Guest Wi-Fi provide your organization with valuable insights every time your customers connect.

Rogers Guest Wi-Fi provides your customers the internet access they expect while allowing you to control bandwidth use and protect your network. Mine those rich analytics to make informed decisions about loyalty programs, product placement and more.

Wi-Fi analytics

Capture and analyze rich insights about nearby and on-site guests. Track walk-by vs. walk-in traffic, purchase history and items browsed. Improve collaboration with Rogers UnisonTM

Real-time mobile connections

Reach guests on their mobile devices with targeted, time-sensitive offers. Travel worry-free with enterprise roaming options.

Mobile payments & transactions

Empower your customers to transact the way they want to through easy mobile redemption.

Guest Wi-Fi Features

Information management

  • Enterprise-grade, high capacity Wi-Fi access points
  • Hosted guest credentials
  • A consistent guest experience across locations
  • Flexible pricing
  • Centralized Guest Wi-Fi analytics and presence


Holistic & integrated security

  • Air Marshal intrusion detection and prevention
  • Intelligent firewall features deep packet inspection
  • Identity- and device-aware security policies
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing features

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