Fleet management

Control costs, increase driver safety, simplify compliance and decrease downtime with Rogers fleet management solutions.

Fleet management in action

Watch the short video below to find out more about IoT fleet solutions.

Improve safety

Protect your staff, vehicles and cargo with alerts and reporting for weather, engine diagnostic data and driver behaviour

Reduce costs

Decrease downtime, minimize wasteful activities and maximize fleet operations with route optimization, fuel monitoring and proactive maintenance

Simplify compliance

Take the administration and bookkeeping out of regulatory compliance with automated reporting and ELDs designed to satisfy all levels of government regulation

End-to-end system
• Track, ping, review from one screen
• Improve operations for managers
and drivers
• User-configurable reporting

Connected mobility
• 4G LTE and LTE-M connectivity
• Compatible with Android and iOS
• Web-based access anytime anywhere

Connected mobility
• 4G LTE and LTE-M connectivity
• Compatible with Android and iOS
• Web-based access anytime anywhere

Our features

Powerful telematics and driver
behavior analytics tool

Outdoor asset tracking

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
(DVIR) made easy

Supported by a sophisticated GPS
software, this user-friendly tracking
solution provides near real-time
view on all of your fleet activities.
Performance dashboards and reports
give managers a critical overview
of their fleet to help improve
productivity, efficiency and safety.

A complete range of asset tracking
solutions for any type of light or
heavy-duty equipment and tools.
Get GPS location stamps, asset’s
status, temperature and other
reports as often as you need, as well
as alerts to any unauthorized activity.

Inspect app allows your drivers to
complete their routine DVIR on their
mobile devices, sending the e-signed
reports directly to the Mechanic Portal
and fleet managers. This speeds up the
processes and eliminates paper trail.

Cloud-based worker and task
management tool

Video telematics solution focused
on driver safety

ELD & DVIR solutions for your
compliance needs

With a Task Tracker app, you have
full visibility of your crew’s workload,
in-progress/pending assignments and
availability with one look at the screen.

Rogers Fleet Complete Vision equips
you with a pair of eyes on the road to
document what actually happens, while
helping coach drivers en route with
in-cab voice assistance.

Rogers Fleet Complete offers drivers
a unique electronic logging solution,
designed to simplify ELD compliance
and help avoid regulatory fines.

Fleet management solutions give you

ELDs and HoS compliance
  • Transmit vehicle data automatically, eliminating time-consuming paper logs.
  • Ensure compliance in advance of Provincial and Federal mandates on June 12, 2021 as well as current U.S. requirements.
Vehicle location tracking
  • Boost operational efficiency with real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor the location and status of your fleet.
  • Enhance customer service by providing accurate arrival estimates and proof of delivery, including time and location stamps.
Diagnostics and maintenance
  • Increase fleet utilization by synchronizing operations with planned maintenance based on usage and driver behavior.
  • Reduce breakdowns and costly vehicle downtime with proactive maintenance alerts leading to greater efficiency and improved driver safety.
    Driver behaviour coaching and monitoring
    • Minimize downtime, increase efficiency and reduce non-business usage by monitoring arrival and departure times, locations visited, and time spent on the road, customer locations and the office.
    • Improve driver safety, reduce fuel consumption and prevent accidents with immediate alerts such as speeding, rapid acceleration, abrupt braking, sharp cornering and seatbelt use.
    Winter fleet tracking, management and maintenance
    • Monitor fleet health for indicators of sub-optimal performance or impending failures.
    • Improve dispatch efficiency so fleet managers can make informed decisions and/or update routes without holding or slowing cleaning operations.
    • Optimize material use by connecting various in-vehicle devices such as plows, spreaders and temperature sensors.

    Holistic tracking and management: Rogers™ Fleet Complete

    An industry leader

    Fleet Complete is a global powerhouse in fleet management, with over 750,000 devices deployed in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Europe.

    Comprehensive portfolio

    Solutions range from a comprehensive portfolio of solutions from standard tracking to advanced fleet management, ELD, dashcams, field worker solutions, professional services and more.

    Why Rogers for your IoT fleet management needs?

    Proven solutions

    With more than 20 years of experience and expertise, we deliver carefully selected IoT solutions, ensuring your organization is equipped with the right technology to run more effectively.

    Service and support

    Our dedicated service delivery team takes care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best—providing your customers a superior experience.

    Simple installation

    Devices are easy to install with minimal downtime before vehicles are back in service—you can do it yourself or certified installers can take care of it at your premises.

    Trusted IoT networks

    Whether it is Canada’s most trusted and reliable 4G LTE network,1 LTE-M or the nation’s first and largest2 5G network, Rogers has the national networks to suit your needs.

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    1. Most trusted based upon total wireless subscribers; most reliable based on umlaut performance benchmark audit of Canadian mobile networks, June 2020.

    2. Largest based on total square kilometers of Rogers 5G coverage compared to published coverage of other national networks.