IoT Connectivity

Choose from a variety of network technologies to deliver

the seamless connectivity best suited for your IoT deployments. 

Our IoT Networks

Having the right IoT network helps you deliver service, value and support to your customer—when and where they need it. Watch this short IoT network primer to learn more.

Connectivity options

Choose the network to power your business: from low-bandwidth, latency tolerant applications to those requiring high bandwidth and low latency.

Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks

High-bandwidth networks (5G, LTE)

LPWA networks offer:

Increased range, penetration and battery life; LPWA can also power large rollouts at a lower cost.

Choose a high-bandwidth network for:

High-speeds, high reliability solutions, including those requiring symmetrical data transfer and lower latency.

Long Term Evolution category M1 (LTE-M):

Choose LTE-M if your business needs to connect large volumes of low-cost low-power devices. LTE-M supports fixed, mobile and/or voice-enabled solutions.

5G Wireless:

A transformational technology, 5G supports ultra-low latency, faster speeds and greater bandwidth than other networks. 5G also allows for massive volumes of connected devices.

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT):

Built for stationary applications, NB-IoT allows for low device costs and longer battery life. NB-IoT also operates well in hard to reach areas like basements and utility vaults.

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE):

Choose 4G LTE if your business applications have high demand on bandwidth and need lower latency than LPWA networks. 4G LTE solutions include connected car applications, drones, security cameras and more.

Why choose Rogers for Business for your IoT connectivity?

Trusted networks

Let Canada’s most trusted network3 be the reliable backbone for your IoT services. This includes low-power, low-data solutions to enable affordable, massive deployment applications.

Global coverage offered with a single SIM/eSIM

Take the complication out of cross-border applications. Our network partnerships eliminate the complexities of multiple carrier contracts and product SKUs.

Enterprise service and delivery

Enjoy end-to-end managed services and 24/7 localized support, so you can focus on what you do best.

Engineered solutions

Our experienced project managers, solution architects and network engineers can work with you to tailor your products for the Canadian market.

Proven IoT leadership

With over 20 years of helping businesses deliver connected devices and services, it’s no wonder hundreds of companies trust Rogers for IoT connectivity.

Discover other IoT products for your business

Fleet management 

Track each vehicle’s location, speed, deviation, idling and more, and improve safety and routing with highly localized, predictive weather and road condition data.

Asset management

Whether your assets are indoors, outdoors, stationary or in transit, gather real-time data about them—including temperature, humidity, altitude, pressure, shock and tilt—with tamper-resistant sensors that provide you with insightful analytics accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Smart cities

Monitor and communicate road conditions, such as rainfall, wind speed and visibility, in real time for increased traffic safety; scan streets and parking lots to automatically identify and cite illegally parked vehicles; control streetlight activation based on traffic volume to save energy; and automatically monitor waste bin levels for more efficient garbage truck pickup.