Cable internet built for business

Get the fast, reliable internet enterprises can count on
Collaboration, innovation and productivity are crucial to an enterprise’s continued success—and internet connectivity is what makes it all possible. From reliably linking branch locations and keeping them online, to supporting transformative cloud applications that deliver new insights and enable real-time communication across the world, enterprises demand a lot from their internet packages. Cable internet from Rogers is built to meet those demands.
More file sharing with unlimited internet

Share multiple-gigabyte files with colleagues or clients quickly and seamlessly.

More collaboration with fast internet

No limitations, employees get the flexibility to work with each other out of the office in real-time.

More productivity with Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite by Google Cloud

Work anywhere using the apps you’re used to, and connect to anyone at any time.

Get the features you need for today’s business:

Reliable and strong signal

Consistent, fast speed

24/7 technical support

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