Business Wi-Fi Solutions

With Wi-Fi as-a-service, we’ll manage and monitor your Wi-Fi solution from end to end. From our data centre, we provide 24×7 alerting via cloud software, integration with customers’ incident management systems and global access point management. Enjoy the ease of having us proactively manage your networks, populate your dashboard, optimize hardware and push software updates from the cloud. Best of all, it helps free up valuable time so IT can move your business forward quickly.  

Benefits of Rogers Business Wi-Fi


Deploy a Wi-Fi network that understands applications and can segregate traffic as required.

User control and visibility

Get in-depth reporting to understand the top applications and devices in use on your network.

Cost control

Reduce the cost and complexity of your wired infrastructure. Identify staffing needs and technical expertise levels in advance to make installation easier.

Flexible configuration

Enable configuration over all locations, facilities and authentication levels with expandable configuration for remote workers.


Use enterprise devices across all facilities and locations.

Speed to market

Our tech support gets your network going quickly and affordably.

Holistic and integrated security

Mitigate your risk through a secure and reliable IT environment. Manage information and bandwidth based on differing users’ needs.

As-a-service purchase model

Wi-Fi, security and other features become a service that is fully managed. You receive predictable monthly billing.

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Rogers is among Canada’s leading experts and providers of connectivity. We are delivering the latest Wi-Fi solutions in collaboration with Cisco, the networking equipment and communication experts. Contact us for more info

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