Microsoft Office 365 delivered by Rogers

Communicate, create and collaborate from anywhere on any device

By making Microsoft apps accessible from any internet-enabled device via the cloud, you can increase your team’s productivity while also reducing the costs and hassles of owning and maintaining on-premises IT infrastructure.

Available for a monthly fee, Microsoft 365 delivered by Rogers allows you to:

  • Access email, content and business tools to create or update documents on any device, in real time.
  • Centralize all your communication needs, including chats, meetings, file sharing and more, in one app—Microsoft Teams—for seamless remote collaboration.
  • Get a branded email address to reinforce your business’s professionalism.
Microsoft Office 365 includes:
  • Microsoft Teams unifies email, scheduling, chats and meetings in one place for seamless collaboration from anywhere.
  • Microsoft Apps, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more.
  • Microsoft Exchange for hosted business-class email and a shared calendar.
  • Microsoft SharePoint for sharing and managing documents in the cloud.
  • Yammer for internal social media networking.

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