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Worry-free, hassle-free business roaming
When your mobile workforce travels in the U.S. or abroad, you don’t want to worry about unexpected business roaming charges. Nor do you want to add a roaming option every time someone leaves the country.

With enterprise roaming options from Rogers, you can eliminate many cost concerns and administrative headaches. Simplify plan management and track and manage costs, while allowing your people to work wherever and however they need to.

We offer a range of options to meet your business roaming needs.

Individual flex roaming:

Add individual flex roaming to all your employees’ plans, so they’re always ready to travel. You’re only charged when someone roams, and your costs are predictable. Plus you never have to worry about adding a roaming option again.

Shared business roaming:

Add a shared roaming option so that all your employees, or specific groups, can share data, voice minutes and texting. If your company has consistent overall roaming usage but individual usage varies, this is a great option.

Pay per use:

If shared and flex roaming don’t fit your needs, or aren’t available* for your destination, pay-per-use rates are available.

Key business roaming benefits

Simple management

Your time can be better spent than adding a travel pack every time someone leaves the country for business. With both individual and shared roaming options, your employees are always ready to go, and you can focus on more strategic tasks.


When travel and usage patterns vary, it can be tricky to pick the right package. Our individual flex roaming option only charges you when an employee travels, and monthly fees vary according to fixed tiers based on the amount of data, voice, minutes and SMS messages used.

Predictable costs

Worrying about roaming costs can distract you from more important concerns. With our shared roaming options, you can cover your whole team with one bucket each of data, voice minutes and texting for a monthly fee that won’t surprise you.


Rogers Data Usage Notifications Service can help you manage your business’s wireless data usage. Our easy-to-use portal gives administrators control with full data usage visibility. Admins can set and assign custom usage threshold notifications for employees; and team members can text ‘data’ to ‘4444’ to check their data usage anytime, anywhere.

We’ve got you covered, wherever you go.

Experience coverage that extends everywhere your business can go. You’ll get roaming coverage in over 200 destinations, LTE coverage in over 95 destinations and 3G coverage in over 195 destinations. So wherever you end up, you’ll always stay connected.

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