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Share Everything 4 GB Flex Plus
Monthly Service Fee Premium+ Tab $130.00
Premium Tab $115.00
Smart Tab $105.00
No Tab $105.00
Airtime Included Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Data Included 4 GB of flexible data (shareable)
Messaging Unlimited Canada-wide text, picture and video messaging
Bonus Limited Time Offer: Get an extra 2 GB of data on a Premium+ Tab
Choice of Device Protection OR Wireless Business Phone¹
50% off Device Protection for additional phones for 24 months
Rogers Unison or one premium app from the Rogers Business App Market
Features Included Roam Like Home, Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting & Group Calling
Additional Airtime Rate Unlimited U.S. long distance calling:
$ 9/month per line
Additional Data Usage Rate $10 per 2 GB
Contract Monthly or 2 year
Activation Fee $25.00 per line
911 Emergency Service Access Fee Provincial fee may apply²
Early Cancellation Fee A Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF), Additional Device Savings Recovery Fee (ADSRF) and/or Service Deactivation Fee apply. Click here for details.
Notes ¹ For one smartphone or line. Requires a 2-year term. Conditions apply.
² 44¢/month in AB, 43¢/month in NS, 62¢/month in SK, 53¢/month in NB, 70¢/month in PEI, 75¢/month in NL.