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Flex Rate Plans for Tablets | Mobile Internet Plans

Tablet Flex Rate (non-shareable)
Monthly Service Fee $5.00-$40.00
Tier 1: $5.00
Tier 2: $10.00
Tier 3: $20.00
Tier 4: $40.00
Data Included Tier 1: 10 MB
Tier 2: 100 MB
Tier 3: 500 MB
Tier 4: 5 GB
Messaging Unlimited incoming text
Additional Data Usage Rate $10 per GB for any usage over 5 GB
Contract Monthly
Activation Fee $25.00
Early Cancellation Fee A Device Savings Recovery Fee (DSRF), Additional Device Savings Recovery Fee (ADSRF) and/or Service Deactivation Fee apply. Click here for details.
Notes Flex Rate plans begin at the lowest tier then automatically adjust on your bill based on your actual usage for the month.
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