Rogers Unison

Enjoy professional collaboration and communication on the device of your choice, hosted in the cloud

Make communication easier, from anywhere, boost business productivity, and cut costs 

Drive productivity and help reduce costs while improving each customer’s experience.

Rogers Unison™ delivers professional voice calling alongside a full range of messaging, collaboration and conferencing features—keeping you productive and connected to your customers regardless your device or location.


What Rogers Unison helps your business 

Boost productivity and cut costs

Simplify management

Modernise and future-proof communications

Features of Rogers Unison

By moving on-site infrastructure into the cloud, Rogers Unison helps you reduce maintenance, administration, and cost. All while enjoying superior collaboration and a full suite of business phone features on your devices of choice: desk phone, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even PCs.

Calling and Collaboration

Keep your team connected and productive with advanced, intuitive features for your end-users

  • Audio and Video Calling: enhance collaboration when you can’t be face-to-face
  • Enhanced Conferencing: schedule multi-party conference calls with screen and document sharing options
  • Instant messaging: send and receive IMs and get presence status across all device types, just as you would with a smartphone application
  • Simultaneous Ring: catch every call and stay connected on the devices you choose; calls ring every device
  • Dual Persona: set up multiple numbers to ring the device(s) of a single user
  • Voicemail to Email: get an audio file sent directly to your email; give co-workers access so files never languish unheard
  • Advanced call management: seamlessly move calls between your devices (i.e., from a mobile phone to a softphone); make or transfer calls to coworkers with extension dialing—even from a mobile phone

Company-wide features

With Rogers Unison, you get the business features you expect, but not the equipment and hassle you’d rather do without

  • Auto Attendant: greet and direct your callers to the person who can best address their needs
  • Hunt Groups: minimize customer hold time, and ensure callers consistently reach someone live
  • Company Name/Number: set a single company name and company telephone number as the outbound calling display for some or all users
  • Business Directory Listing: be more searchable online and help create a local presence—even with no store or office in the area
  • Team Voicemail: return customer calls faster and more effectively with a common voicemail inbox that also works with Auto Attendant and Hunt Groups
  • Music on Hold: play recorded music to callers on hold
  • Microsoft Teams plugin: make outgoing calls using Rogers Unison from your Microsoft Teams dashboard

Manage and connect your communications

Receptionist Console

Now receptionists can receive and direct calls to other employees using a softphone. Whether working remotely or from an office, they can manage calls directly from a computer screen and see the call status of other employees even if they’re using mobile phones.


Soft Phone 

Make and receive calls on laptops, desktop computers and tablets. Incoming calls ring all devices simultaneously (including mobile phones, if applicable). Now your staff can stay connected with customers and colleagues without the added expense of buying a separate phone.



Offer available for a limited time and subject to change without notice. A Setup Service Fee of $45 applies to set up your device and related services. Administrative fees, if any, will be detailed in the Agreement. Standard rates apply for all other Rogers Unison features and license subscriptions. Early cancellation fees apply. Taxes extra. Offer available through live chat or through calling into customer service. Available to new business customers activating the above Rogers for Business Unlimited Data Plan with a minimum of 10 lines.

*Rogers for Business Shared Unlimited Data Plans include 10 GB, 20 GB or 50 GB of data at max speed on the Rogers network, extended coverage areas within Canada, and Roam Like Home destinations (see 5G access included at no extra charge. 5G access requires a 5G-enabled device in an area where there is 5G coverage (see Once you have reached the max speed data allotment of your plan, you will continue to have access to data services with no overage beyond the max speed data allotment at a reduced speed of up to 512 kilobits per second (for both upload and download) until the end of your current billing cycle. Applications such as email, web browsing, apps, and audio/video streaming will continue to function at a reduced speed which will likely impact your experience. In all cases, usage is subject to the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

1. 0% APR on approved credit with a device financing agreement (DFA) and a Rogers Business Wireless Plan. DFA based on full price plus applicable taxes. Payment of outstanding device balance due upon cancellation of services or financing plan.

2. $65/month includes a $50/month Rogers for Business Shared Unlimited Data 20GB plan and Rogers Unison for $15/month.

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