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We know how important it is to stay in touch with customers and suppliers, wherever your business takes you. You need a wireless network that you can rely on to keep you connected.

At Rogers, we believe in providing businesses with a network experience that empowers them to make more possible. We’re continuously investing to deliver that experience.

Today, you can enjoy a wireless network that covers 97% of Canadians and offers Extended Coverage to give you the confidence to stay connected in even more places across Canada. Tomorrow, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities as we embark on the world of 5G.

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FAQs for Extended Coverage
Extended Coverage Eligibility, Usage & More




Who is eligible for Extended Coverage?

Almost all of our plans qualify for Extended Coverage. You just need to be a postpaid wireless customer with a compatible device. It’s meant for customers who live within the Rogers network and happen to travel occasionally into Extended Coverage areas outside the Rogers network.

Wireless Home Phone, Wireless Business Phone, Rocket Hub, prepaid and zone-based or calling circle plans (e.g., My5/10 and MY1/2/5 enterprise business plans) are not eligible for Extended Coverage.

How will I know when I’m using Extended Coverage?

When you travel outside the Rogers network and connect to Extended Coverage, on most devices you’ll see EXT or a roaming indicator on your device screen.

Do I need to do anything to start using Extended Coverage?

Talk and text services will work once you enter an Extended Coverage area and your device connects to Extended Coverage. To use the internet for email, maps and more, just make sure data roaming is turned on in your device settings.

How is usage within an Extended Coverage area billed?

There is no additional charge to use your device within an Extended Coverage area. So any talk, text or data you use in an Extended Coverage area is included as part of your current plan and will be billed in the same way as usage on the Rogers network.

How will the experience be different within the Extended Coverage area?

Your device will always connect to the Rogers network if it’s available. Once you have left the Rogers network and have entered an Extended Coverage area, your device will automatically connect to Extended Coverage. If you’re on a call when you enter an Extended Coverage area, the call will drop. Once you see EXT appear on your device screen, you can call back to complete your call. A few enhanced features may not be available, including:

  • Name Display
  • 4-1-1 Directory Assistance Call Completion
  • Pound numbers (#) and short codes
  • N-1-1 codes:
    • 2-1-1 Community Information
    • 3-1-1 Non-Emergency Municipal Government
    • 5-1-1 Weather & Traveller Information
    • 7-1-1 Access to Message Relay Service (MRS) by the deaf
    • 8-1-1 Non-urgent Health Teletriage Services
    • Please note that Rogers and our roaming partners may, without notice, change geographical coverage areas. Rogers is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of any disruptions or outages to Extended Coverage, or as a result of any changes to Extended Coverage areas.

What are the usage limitations of Extended Coverage?

Extended Coverage is meant to provide additional coverage, outside of the Rogers network.  It’s available for most Rogers postpaid wireless customers (excluding Wireless Home Phone, Wireless Business Phone, Rocket Hub, prepaid and zone-based or calling circle plans such as My5/10 and MY1/2/5 enterprise business plans) in areas they sometimes travel to. It’s intended for occasional use; the majority of your monthly usage (talk, text and data) must occur on the Rogers network. If the majority of your monthly usage occurs within Extended Coverage areas, we may restrict or limit your access to Extended Coverage on an ongoing basis.

Is LTE available in Extended Coverage areas?

Yes, Extended Coverage provides LTE speeds in select areas.





Last updated: February 10, 2019

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