MPLS Internet Service Provider

Manage capacity, prioritize different services and prevent congestion

Multiple types of traffic and increasing volume are overtaxing networks. The growing need for voice, data and video convergence demands a better solution.

Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) from Rogers consolidates voice, video and data traffic onto a single high capacity private IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN), giving you the ability to manage capacity and prioritize traffic to prevent congestion. It’s a highly secure means of connecting your headquarters, data centres, satellite offices and mobile employees to all of the applications they require. MPLS from Rogers delivers the performance, uptime and scalability your business needs, nationwide.

Why Choose MPLS from Rogers?

Manage bandwidth capacity

MPLS offers multiple Classes of Service (CoS), enabling you to prioritize time-sensitive services such as VoIP, video conferencing and any mission critical applications. Control where and how traffic is routed to manage capacity and prevent congestion.

Powerful performance

MPLS from Rogers offers up to 1 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth delivered via our wholly owned, private fibre optic network featuring multiple paths to bypass outages and backed by defined service level agreements. Increase bandwidth or add new services on-the-fly with our onsite multi-service switch.

Geographical Reach

Rogers 25,000 km fibre optic network provides access to hundreds of thousands of fibre-ready locations, including connectivity to key network access points in the United States and overseas.

MPLS Features

Supports fibre, cable and wireless networks, with available connectivity to U.S. and international sites


Rogers private fibre optic network is a more secure transport medium than the Internet

Routing is managed by Rogers experts, freeing up IT resources

Provides predictable performance for voice, video and data applications

Take advantage of primary and/or back-up wireless connectivity

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