Connect your locations with scalable, high bandwidth, low latency connectivity for mission-critical applications.A business network is not just about connecting all the resources within one building. Companies with multiple locations require seamless networking for unified communication with employees and customers across all premises.

Built on our 100% fibre optic backbone, our Ethernet services simplify the complexity of building a WAN by using the same Ethernet protocol you use in your LAN. With a combination of fibre and cable-based access, Ethernet from Rogers simplifies network administration, supporting multiple services on a single high bandwidth, low latency connection. Our Ethernet services let you retain control over IP addressing while delivering the performance, reach and scalability your business needs.


Why choose Ethernet from Rogers?

Affordable, Flexible Connectivity

With a range of bandwidth and configuration options, Ethernet from Rogers can be adapted to meet your business needs. Enjoy higher bandwidths at a lower cost than legacy technology.

Powerful Performance

Offering 1 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth, Ethernet from Rogers is built on a 100% fibre backbone that features multiple paths for data to bypass outages and is backed by defined service level agreements.

Geographical Reach

Our network has over 25,000 km of fibre routes that provide network access to hundreds of thousands of fibre-ready locations, including connectivity to key network access points in the United States and overseas.

Immediate Scalability

Add new services and increase bandwidth on the fly with our onsite multi-service switch, eliminating the need for new hardware and service visits.

Certified to International Standards

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has certified Ethernet from Rogers as MEF 9 and MEF 14 compliant, hallmarks for carriers who deliver advanced Ethernet services.

Ethernet from Rogers offers a range of topology options:

Choose from point-to-point, multi-point, or bridged topologies with multiple classes of service and performance characteristics.




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