Data Centre and Cloud

Our on-demand service model allows you to adjust the levels of storage, bandwidth and other IT resources you need to keep your business running at peak performance.

We manage your infrastructure needs through our cross-Canada network of state-of-the-art data centres owned and operated by Rogers, removing the burden of costly in-house builds and maintenance headaches.

Our custom configuration services can provide the IT infrastructure setup to meet your unique needs. Rogers also offers backup and firewall provisioning for extra redundancy and protection.

Our managed services model gives you the reliable, secure IT infrastructure you need, using the latest data centre and cloud technologies, all captured in an easy-to-manage monthly bill.

Colocation Services

Eliminate costly data centre builds and maintenance while keeping up with the rapidly changing business IT environment

Building and running a data centre that evolves along with business IT is a daunting task. Organizations can no longer expect to build a data centre that will keep abreast of business requirements unless they plan on a major upgrade every five years or so.

Rogers Colocation Services provide a data centre environment equipped to handle the increased processing power, virtualization and low-latency requirements of the rapidly challenging business IT environment. We help enterprises save on capital expenditures, avoid risk, keep up with technology and gain new efficiencies. Our cross-Canada network of state-of-the-art, wholly owned data centres are connected by our nationwide 25,000-kilometre Fibre Optic network, guaranteeing a highly available environment for your IT systems.

Cloud Services

Cloud technology supports the ways in which many businesses need to work today. With the cloud, employees can share the resources, tools and information they need, where and when they happen to be.

Running your own IT hardware and software means both making a significant upfront capital investment to buy the equipment and dedicating IT operational staff for ongoing management and support. Plus, staying up-to-date means you’ll need to continually make capital and operation investments.

Instead, your business can pay only for what it uses by partnering with Rogers and using our as-a-service approach to rapidly deploy and manage the equipment you require. And, because it’s a service, you’ll always stay current with the latest and greatest cloud and security technologies.

Server Management Services

A reliable, robust IT infrastructure is no longer an option. It’s a must. And an integral part of that infrastructure is ongoing server maintenance. Management needs stable platforms and cost control; yet they also want IT to innovate and help grow the business. Embrace a server management solution that frees up resources to fuel growth and innovation.

Server Management Services from Rogers are available for both virtual and colocated servers. By monitoring performance and proactively patching, Roger’s Server Management Services fix issues before they become headaches. Rely on our certified professionals to protect your IT investment. Server Management Services are the ideal complement to Cloud IaaS and Colocation Services from Rogers and can be tailored to your exact needs and budget.

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