Data Centre and Cloud

Why does your business need Data Centre and Cloud?

As your business grows, you need to be confident that your hosting infrastructure is secure, available when you need it and scalable to meet your customer demand.

Our Service include:


Access powerful data centre facilities without the cost or risk of building and maintenance.

How Colocation services can support your business:

  • No upfront investment: Focus on planning and operations, rather than on budgeting, with a low total cost of ownership approach to IT.
  • Reliable uptime: Your applications will stay up and running with the support of redundant power, cooling and connectivity.
  • Control: Monitor your equipment’s operation, service performance metrics, and manage security and ticket requests through the Rogers client portal interface.
Cloud Services

Avoid costly and time-consuming equipment maintenance with a virtualized and fully managed hosting solution.

How the cloud can support businesses like yours:

  • Reliable uptime: Cloud-delivered services are a reliable and managed infrastructure that supports your business online and keeps team members productive.
  • Improved efficiency: Continually optimize with help from our experts, who will do the maintenance work of updates, patches and data backups.
  • New IT capabilities on the fly: Easily add new servers and extend your capacity and capabilities as needed.
Server Management Services

A reliable, robust IT infrastructure is a must-have for today’s business. By monitoring performance and managing and patching security flaws before they become breaches, Rogers Server Management Services minimizes your risk of exposure.

The benefits of having managed servers:

  • Increased uptime: Minimize downtime with proactive server maintenance and problem resolution to remedy issues before they impact system performance.
  • Predictable operating expenses: Choose from tiered or tailored solutions to suit your specific needs and budget—all for a predictable monthly fee.
  • Control: Maintain data control and visibility with performance reports and a real-time dashboard in an easy-to-use portal.

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