Colocation Service

Focus on running your business instead of your IT infrastructure

Free up space, IT potential and funds by housing your infrastructure equipment in a secure, professionally managed data centre.

By housing your IT infrastructure in one of our guarded and monitored data centres, four of which are Uptime Institute Tier III certified facilities, you can rest assured your business-critical applications will stay up and running with minimal risk of environmental failures. Plus, our highly trained, certified technicians are there to assist or even fully manage your equipment for you if you choose. You’ll even save on electricity costs, and as your business grows, you’ll always have room to grow your infrastructure with it.

Why choose Colocation Services with Rogers?

Guaranteed uptime

Sophisticated security

Room to grow

Managed Service

Key Features
Redundant cooling system
  • N+1 cooling redundancy
  • Redundant computer-controlled compressors, hot aisle/cold aisle containment and humidity-control systems
  • Perforated cabinet doors for temperature control
Power backup
  • N+1 power redundancy
  • Redundant uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems
  • High-capacity continuous run diesel generators with fuel for a minimum of 24 hours of operation
Secure facilities
  • Unmarked facilities with single secure entrances for customers and staff
  • Two-stage authentication process at all facilities, including biometric authentication, such as iris scanners, at most facilities
  • Individually locked cabinets
  • CCTV security cameras (low-light technology) monitor facility interiors and exteriors 24×7
Network redundancy
  • Nation-wide fibre network including access points in the U.S. and overseas
  • Multi-homed network, with extensive peering and Tier 1 transit providers
Fire suppression
  • Two-stage, pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system and/or gas suppression (extinguishes fire without water)


Locations and tours

We have a total of 16 data centres on our nationwide, 25,000 km fibre optic backbone, which connects to key network access points, even in the US and overseas.

km fibre optic backbone

Data Centres

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