About Us

Welcome to Wireless Communication Plus

At Wireless Communications Plus, we are Rogers – as we live Rogers’ values and brand promise.

Founded in 1990, we were and are entrepreneurs willing to take risks to achieve results. Like our clients, we too are business owners and are driven to grow our business as well. By applying our experience and expertise, we are able to evaluate a client’s current and future needs.

We are an established local business leader and have built strong relationships throughout the years as we provide face-to-face services for our clients. This has been possible because we provide convenient community-based service – in store and onsite.

At Wireless Communications Plus, we are your single point of contact to remove complexity and resolve any issues, so you can focus on your business. We connect with our customers and increase sales coverage in markets and regions where Rogers may not operate.

Our Mission

Our mission is total customer satisfaction.

Connect with us today and let us help you get connected.